Renters will have exclusive use of our entire facility for $200/hr which includes tables and chairs setup to your configuration.

You will also have online access to our new planning software which allows you to create a guest list, manage RSVP, assign meals and seating arrangements. You will be able to virtually fill our facility with tables, chairs, etc to see how best to fit everything in that the different rooms. This software also keeps track of your vendors and creates a detailed timeline of your day.

You’ll be exhausted at the end of your party, so leave the cleaning to us. Just remove your decorations and any outside rental items and we’ll wash the tables, mop the floor and take out the trash for you. 


Do I need insurance? Yes, all rentals require a liability insurance policy. Check with your homeowner’s insurance agent to see if you can get one through them. If not, The Event Helper can provide a one-day policy for you.

Do I need security? If you will be serving alcohol AND have more than 100 guests at your event, a security officer is required.

Can I bring in any caterer I want? YES! It’s your event and you should be able to choose the food. We do have a large “prep kitchen” but not cooking facilities.

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